Experience of School Transitions

Policies, Practice and Participants

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ISBN/EAN: 9789400741973
Sprache: Englisch
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2012
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InhaltsangabeSection A: School transitions: Overview, policy orientations and theorizations.- Experiences of school transitions: Policies, practice and participants, Stephen Billett, Greer Johnson.- Reconciling the system world with the life worlds of young adults: Where next for youth transition policies?, Karen Evans.- Bridging school and work: a person-in-context model for enabling resilience in at-risk youth, Christopher DeLuca, Nancy L. Hutchinson, Joan Versnel, Jennifer Dods, Peter Chin.- Section B: Imperatives for and practices of transitions: International perspectives.- The American Shortcut to VET: Global Policy Borrowing for the Post-16 Educational Arena, Richard D. Lakes, Antje Barabasch.- Access, coping and relevance of education in youth transitions: The German transition system between labour society and knowledge society, Andreas M Walther.- Making the transition to post-school life: The Canadian situation, Wolfgang Lehmann.- School-to-work transitions in apprenticeship-based systems: The example of Switzerland, Barbara Stalder.- Governing Schooling, People and Practices: Australian Policies on Transitions, Sue Thomas,  Stephen Hay.- Section C: Experiences of schooling: Contemporary practices and experiences.- Researching transition experiences in Australian senior schooling, Jill Ryan, Stephen Billett, Greer Johnson.- Excluded from the game: A case study of transitions for non-tertiary-bound students in a Queensland private school, Stephen Hay, Cheryl Sim.- Pathways and Choice: transitions at Sunny Beach College, Sue Thomas, Jill Ryan.- A critical focus on family-school-community partnerships: St Jude's Secondary College transition program for "at-risk" students, Greer Johnson, Stephen Billett.- Making the transition from interrupted schooling experience: Perspectives of recent school leavers, Esther Beltermann, Jill Ryan, Stephen Billett.- The translation of transitions policies into school enactment, Cheryl Sim, Stephen Hay, Greer Johnson, Sue Thomas.

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